When you’re learning a language like Mandarin Chinese it's really important you find time to practice, whether it’s on the train to work, the bus to school or in your lunch break, every little helps.

But we know pulling out scruffy notes or an old textbook can be embarrassing, especially when everyone else around you has their iPad or the latest magazine in hand. 

The good news is that we are busy developing a range of professional learning materials that you’ll be excited to pull out of your bag and look good reading.

Sweet and Sour Magazine

Sweet and Sour Chinese language magazine is designed for adults and is packed full of diverse and engaging articles, appealing imagery, many helpful language tips and is supported online with recordings of the magazine content.

More realistic, more diverse and much more attractive than your textbook the magazine is full of articles categorized by difficulty so you can make your commute, lunch break or any time you can find as challenging as you want it to be! Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or in-between, interested in culture, sports or international affairs there is something for you. 

A short sample issue of Sweet and Sour Magazine for adults learning Chinese is available to view and download below; you can register your interest for future issues below.

Chopsticks Magazine

Chopsticks Chinese language magazine is designed for young learners, with attractive illustrations and interesting stories and dialogues it is designed to keep children’s attention and enrich the learning process, making it more fun for your child and ensuring longer lasting results.

The magazine covers the basics, from counting and simple phrases through to more complicated stories and dialogues so that the magazine continues to be useful as your child progresses with their learning. It is supported by online recordings of native Chinese speakers narrating the magazine's content.

A short sample issue of Chopsticks Magazine for children learning Chinese will be available soon for download; you can register your interest below. 

More Coming Soon....