At the Middle Kingdom Group we take learning Mandarin Chinese seriously, with years of teaching and learning experience we want to help the world learn Chinese and make sure they remember it.

We've all learnt something new and then forgotten it, either continuing to learn was too expensive or there weren't the opportunities to practise or keep up to date. At the Middle Kingdom Group we aim to offer thoughtful, engaging and accessible learning materials to everyone.

Our first project is to create and publish a magazine for learners of Mandarin Chinese packed full of articles to hone your skills on. We recognise different people are at different stages in their learning and want to read about different things, our magazine will aim to offer something for people of all abilities and interests.

We are currently busy working on a number of projects including the sample issue of our Chinese language 'Sweet and Sour' and 'Chopsticks' Magazines, you can register your interest in receiving updates on the home page, including when free articles or magazine samples are available.